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Wild Roamer Wisdom – Just Be. Hiking Allegheny State Park- Osgood Trail

Wild Roamer Wisdom – Just Be. Hiking Allegheny State Park- Osgood Trail

Today is an adventure from Wild Roamer- Shelly Wells! 


  • Just Be ready for adventure. In late February, you never know what conditions you might encounter. Be prepared for roaming with snowshoes, micro spikes/yaks, hats, gloves/mittens, a backpack with water, honey sticks/snacks, and tissues. Being ready and prepared means that adventure won’t pass you by, and adventure won’t get the better of you.

  • Just Be ready to observe. Listen to the sound of snow scrunch on a 50-degree winter day in the woods; listen for the chirping of the birds, happy for the warmth of the sun; listen to the sound of running water in a bubbling stream; listen to the sounds of silence. Appreciate the colors found in late winter – the blue of the sky and the green of the plants that endure the snow.

  • Just Be grateful for fellow adventurers…ready and excited to take on the day.


  • Just Be able to recharge; know what brings you peace. A very good friend told me to get energy from the earth. When you come across rocks and boulders, take time to touch them; allow the energy to permeate you.

  • Just Be able to have fun! When you come across an interesting space, check it out! Be inquisitive and find joy in the simplicity and complexity of nature.

  • Just Be able to surrender to the beauty and peace you can find in nature…Just Be.

  • (P.S.  One more trail checked off my WNY Winter Hiking Challenge list! Allegheny State Park – Osgood Trail.)

In Health ~ Shelly W."  

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Shelly is a part of the Rusterior Wild Roamer Blog. In 2022 you can look forward to meeting a diverse group of Wild Roamers who can’t wait to share their local adventures with you.  We want to offer you wild and roaming ideas and suggestions with varying levels of activity, ability, and family involvement.



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