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Adventure Footwear and The Shoes I love!

Adventure Footwear and The Shoes I love!

I don't know about you guys but i'm a footwear snob! I would in no way a fashion bloggers so please take this post with a grain of salt. I do however love footwear and love wearing a good shoe! 

Photo by Tailor Mayde Photography 

With living a active lifestyle I feel like I was always searching for shoes for every outing I was doing weather it be camping, hiking, kayaking, etc. My go to pair is 100% my Birkenstocks  I have had a pair since my grandma gifted me a pair in high school and I was totally hooked. These are my legit everyday shoe and the pair I truly beat up beyond repair which explains the ( WAY TO MANY TO COUNT ) pairs I have. I really love my Birks but I will say I will not purchase them from big box stores but instead right from the website because I feel like the factory quality is different and they last longer from the direct site. The birks are great  but they weren't perfect for everything mainly for things involving water or where I needed some stability 



Since I have just embraced my old mom style I have fully given into any and all shoe choices and pick them based on function and in some cases style ;) I caved and grabbed Teva's for the whole family this past summer because we had a whole summer of camping planned and my kiddos ( and amber and I) needed some more versatile footwear that we could wear kayaking. Right now is actually the perfect time to buy them because a lot of styles are on sale! I got some from TJ Maxx and other discount stores. I will say I LOVE my Teva's and they are perfect for kayaking and beach walking because they are meant to get wet and your feet stay in them without slipping around. These even serve as water shoes for my kiddos since they are water shoe haters because they hate having their feet contained. 

Photo by Tailor Mayde Photography

Peep my Teva's here ;) 

Listen, if it was up to me I would ONLY wear these two pairs of shoes year round but ya know, cold weather and snow put a damper on that! Last spring we took a hiking trip to Letchworth and Ithaca ( << Click to read that post). I knew we would be doing a TON of walking and I honestly hate sneakers for hiking and I hate hiking boots ( like the full boot kind that rub on your ankles). I found these Merrell  boots ( on sale on REI) and LOVE THEM they are my down and dirty boots where I really don't care if they get filthy on hikes because they are super durable. If you are looking for a boot to live something similar are the ones i would recommend.

My new favorites are these Forsake Boots they are kind of a hybrid boot sneaker and they feel like that. I never liked sneaker because I have a wide foot and I never felt like I got enough support from them and I never liked Boots because I feel like they are very constricting. This is honestly a magic shoe because it is the best of both worlds. They are structured and supportive but also flexible and breathable. I also love these because I can wear them to work and hiking and they are waterproof so wearing them in the snow is an option without feeling like you are wearing a huge snowboot. I will say my feet are not SUPER warm in them but I still love them and I have cold feet normally so it could be just me! Over all I would give them a 10/10 for style and function! 

Photo by Alexis Mohr 


I have been wanting to write this one for a long time because I love shoe wear in a more non traditional sense and value quality shoe wear and would much rather spend a little more on a few pairs of good shoes than have a million pairs of not so good shoes. 

What are your favorite adventure shoes? Let me know in the comments! 

Until next time! 


Carrie & The Wild Roamers 

 Photo by Tailor Mayde Photography

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