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Wild Roamers: Summer Youth Paddle Adventure Camp with SUP Erie Adventures!

Wild Roamers: Summer Youth Paddle Adventure Camp with SUP Erie Adventures!

So I need to tell you guys about the surf camp my kiddos go to! This is a week long  youth paddle and adventure camp! Whenever I say "Surf camp" to anyone i'm talking about they always are so surprised that the kids could do something like that in WNY, but it is true! 

We have been going to the camp for 3 years now and all three of my kids LOVE IT SO MUCH! Kevin and Christian are so great and the kids just fell in love with them and now get so excited to see them every time we head to the beach! 

When my kids started going to this camp they were TERRIFIED of the water. Even though we lived near the beach and went often the idea of swimming in it was scary to them. I am always a big fan of having someone else teach them things because they don't respond as well when I try to show them. 

After this camp this kids confidence in the water was a complete 360! My kids went from not wanting to go waist deep to jumping in from a paddle board which was so amazing to see. They got to paddle board, boogie board, swim, hike and adventure all week! 

Paddling is a great way for youth to develop self-confidence, independence, awareness, a love of nature, and a sense of accomplishment that comes from meeting new challenges. Christian and Kevin will also instruct water safety and leave no trace techniques and philosophies the whole week. 

Right now the camp is offered at Sunset Bay in Irving NY ( about 45 minutes from Buffalo ) And will run from 9:00-11:00 for one week ( DATE AND HOW TO BOOK COMING SOON!) 

  • Daily Camper Rate: $35 per person
  • Weekly Camper Rate: $150 per person
    • Weekly Camper Rate Sibling Discount: $125 per person

If you have questions about the camp reach out to Christian at 716-868-2975 | christian@superieadventure.com


Camp this year is 

June 29th – July 3rd

July 20th-24th



I promise your kids will LOVE THIS CAMP and it is perfect for any kid 5-11 years old. They also offer kayak and paddle board lessons/ rentals and a lot more! You can check them out at https://superieadventures.com/ and get our and adventure this summer! 


Book right on their website using the code wildroamer for 10% off!!! <3 

Until next time! 



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